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The Best Countertop Material

If you’re looking into natural stone countertops for your kitchen or another project, then you know how many varied options there are. It’s good to look into the pros and cons of each material as you build your dream home.


Granite is an incredibly popular choice among homeowners, designers, and builders for many reasons. It’s highly versatile, with varieties available in different hues, price ranges, and places of origin. For the most part, granite used in residential homes is fairly affordable, and is a solid choice for any homeowner.

Granite is an igneous rock, which means it’s highly durable and can withstand natural forces as well as scratches and possible dents in your countertops. Overall, granite countertops will bring a strong, attractive presence to your kitchen, with its durability and gorgeous natural veins and colors.


Another interesting option that more and more homeowners are looking into is quartzite. A metamorphic rock, quartzite is even denser than granite, and is therefore even better at resisting scratches and minor dings. Quartzite has similar visual qualities to marble, with natural streaks in the slabs of stone that give off an attractive and elegant look. If you want a classy material in your kitchen that still has the durability of stones like granite, quartzite may be a great option.

Some homeowners prefer the elegance of marble for their kitchen countertops. While they can be gorgeous and really elevate the look of a room, marble slabs do sometimes come with a higher price tag. However, marble is becoming more and more affordable over time, and may be more within your budget than you expect. One thing to be aware of is marble’s lack of durability. While granite may be great for dents, scratches, and etc, marble is more susceptible to these things. If you have small children or animals that may easily scratch your countertops, or you plan to do a lot of cooking with high heat and heavy appliances, marble may be a trickier material to navigate. Consider all of these factors, and whether you still want the elegant look of marble in your countertops despite the possible risks.


Another option you may consider for your counters is quartz. An engineered or compound stone, quartz is typically man-made and then refined to create the appearance of natural stone. It is a non-porous material, which makes it resistant to stains, oils, and liquids. While more porous countertops may soak up these spills over time, quartz makes them easy to wipe off and remove. Quartz countertops are fairly low maintenance, and don’t require sealing or any special cleaners. You can tidy them up with basic household cleaning supplies. Because they’re man-made, quartz countertops don’t have the usual imperfections that natural stones do– streaks, cracks, discoloration, and etc. Some homeowners prefer a more uniform look across their countertops, while others like that imperfect, natural look.

For more out-there, visually interesting options, you may consider less common materials such as translucent onyx, or even fine grain travertine. Onyx comes with a versatile range of colors and looks, and will reflect light around the room in a beautiful way. There are gorgeous patterns within the rock and the veining that you may want for your home. With travertine, this form of limestone is an excellent choice for your counters, and has become increasingly popular with kitchen islands. The natural grooves and patterns in the stone create a homey, appealing atmosphere while you cook.

There is no right or wrong choice for your kitchen countertops when it comes to natural stone. Ultimately, the best stone for your counters will be one that fits your budget, home aesthetic, and specific needs and concerns. Your choice may also need to reflect the environment and climate of your home. Is there intense heat in your area? Will you need a stone that withstands a lot of pressure? Do you have kids that may damage the countertops if they’re not durable enough? Consult your local trusted natural stone supplier and get a quote for the materials you’re interested in, in order to start the process of building your dream kitchen.

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