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The New Way to Buy Natural Stone and Quartz Countertops

As soon as you walk into any of our Encore Stone Studio locations you are immediately immersed in a world of exotic and rare natural stone and quartz. These materials hold a history, and pedigree of art and elegance of its own! We believe that everyone should have access to the beauty of natural stone and quartz in a transparent way.

That's why we offer up front and transparent pricing on all slabs in our inventory and do not require appointments to browse. Upon entering our warehouse you will see QR codes throughout that give you the ability to see a live view with photos of each and every slab in our inventory along with dimensions, pricing per slab, and price per square foot while simultaneously viewing them in person.

We make the slab selection process easy and fun by organizing our showroom similar to your favorite grocery store with isles organized and clearly labeled by material.

Once you're ready, one of our stone experts can answer any questions you may have. After your purchase we can store yours slabs until you are ready to have it shipped to the fabricator of your choice where they will then be cut and installed.


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