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Transforming an Industry: How Encore Stone Studio is becoming the Tesla of the stone industry

You may have noticed a few changes if you've been to one of our five Pacific Shore Stones East showrooms around the southern United States. We recently went through a rebrand and will be changing our name from Pacific Shore Stones (east) to Encore Stone Studio. The full rebrand will take place at all five of our locations; Austin, Texas, Charleston, South Carolina, Greenville, South Carolina, Beaufort, South Carolina and Birmingham, Alabama. As a part of the rebrand we have decided to change our business model to empower our customers by becoming the only direct to consumer premium stone supplier in the industry. This means you no longer need an industry professional present to receive pricing. We will now offer pricing on the spot and you can purchase directly from us. Once your purchase is made we will ship your stone wherever you would like. this business model protects the consumer form potential hidden markups that other stone suppliers might include in the end price. By purchasing the stone through Encore Stone Studio you could save up to 60%-80%.

The change came after Vinny Tavares, the founder and CEO of Encore Stone Studio examined the purchase process that seemed to be the standard in the premium stone and quartz industry and questioned why it was the way it was. “Looking at it from a consumer's standpoint it all seems kind of sketchy” says Vinny. After this realization he set out to change the process “We are taking this time to evolve our brand and switch over to a new fully transparent direct to consumer business model. After working in the stone industry for over 15 years as a partner in Pacific Shore Stones, I envisioned a company where consumers could learn and have fun while shopping for the perfect slab for their countertops, vanity tops and other projects. A place where consumers can be educated and inspired and their questions about pricing are answered on the spot. With that in mind we decided that this new consumer focused business model was a perfect time to rebrand and Encore Stone Studio was born” explained the founder.

Much like the viral electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla; Encore has created a Direct to consumer distribution trend in its sales process and innovation in its customer experience in an industry that has held a long and outdated history of the way things are done. The approach from both companies is both disruptive and refreshing to the end user. The direct to consumer premium stone purchase process is nothing different than the way you would purchase large furniture with slight modifications for the product, in this case natural stone and quartz. All locations are open to the public for selection purposes Monday-Saturday. You do not need an appointment to visit the showrooms. Warehouse staff are available for individual hand selections requiring slab movement (selecting your exact slabs) Monday through Friday. The direct to consumer model allows us to provide instant and transparent pricing on all slabs in our inventory. Once you are ready to make a purchase you can buy your slabs directly from Encore Stone Studio. “That's what sets us apart! Everywhere else you go they wont even give you the slightest hint at what a slab cost. That's just not fair!!” says Fabran Williams the General Manager of the Austin showroom where the company is headquartered. Bringing any available design elements with you when you visit, such as cabinets, flooring, and backsplash samples is highly recommended to help aid in selection. Large pushcarts are provided to easily bring these related design materials along with you throughout your visit. Throughout each showroom QR codes that link directly to live inventory and pricing across all locations are available to enhance the shopping experience and increase transparency of the shopping process. All slabs are also displayed in isles and labeled/organized by material so that customers able to browse with ease. Encore Stone Studio offers one of the most unique and exclusive inventories of natural stone and quartz in the industry. We are also the only direct to consumer Stone distributor in the industry.

Stop by one of our showrooms today and find the perfect slabs to enhance your space.


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