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Encore Stone Clean and Shine
  • Encore Stone Clean and Shine

    You wouldn't use dish soap as a face wash or Cooking oil to moisturize your skin... So why use a general purpose cleaning product to maintain your beautiful natural stone. 

    Encore Stone Studio is a leading resource in the natural stone and quartz industry. We focus on natural stone and quartz only! We have compiled our 18+ years of industry knowledge and developed a product line to help you maintain your natural stone and quartz surfaces. 


    Encore Stone Clean and Shine was designed to gently cleanse and moisturize the surface of the stone leaving behind a more radiant and natural look! Our formula was developed to be pH neutral which means it's safe to use on sealed and unsealed stone without penetrating any protective barriers. 

    • Product Details

      • Designed specifically for stone surfaces - Cleans effectively without damage unlike general, all-purpose cleaners that can cause dulling. It's pH neutral so it won't wear out your sealant.

      • Enhances shine - Leaves an even and radiant appearance on the stone surface while also dealing with most common messes and spills. 

      • No residue or haze - streak-free finish even under bright kitchen lights.

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