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Xtone Surfaces


XTONE is a leader in crafting large-format surfaces, offering a diverse portfolio that includes two distinct product lines: sintered stone and natural stone. Renowned for its versatile range of finishes and thicknesses, XTONE's materials seamlessly blend into any setting or application. The brand is synonymous with flexibility and innovation, allowing customization in size, use, and space to perfectly align with a myriad of projects. XTONE's large format sintered stone tiles break the mold of traditional formats, enabling the realization of cutting-edge and unique design concepts.


The brand's materials stand out for their remarkable performance and distinctive design qualities, evident in both the sintered stone and natural stone collections. XTONE prides itself on offering surfaces that are not only 100% natural and recyclable but also exceptionally durable, ensuring a sustainable life cycle. The waterproof nature of these surfaces prevents liquid absorption and odor build-up, thanks to their low porosity. Additionally, they are hygienic, with low emissions of volatile organic compounds, making them safe for direct contact with food. The resilience of XTONE surfaces is evident in their resistance to scratches and impacts, demonstrating a high tolerance to the forces exerted by impacts and cutting tools.


XTONE is dedicated to creating spaces that embody beauty, functionality, and durability. Their large format sintered stone tile is adaptable for various project types, including kitchens, bathrooms, residential spaces, or commercial projects. The brand offers an exclusive and personalized service, catering to the needs of professionals such as marble workers, architects, and interior designers, ensuring that every project is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and long-lasting.

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