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The Quartzite of your Dreams: Opus Quartzite

Author: Mira Hoffmann

The stone acquisition process tends to require homeowners to search their souls for what they value most in their space. Style or practicality. We see clients often give up their dreams of pristine white marble countertops when they realize a more resilient stone would better suit their lifestyle (kids, wine, cooking etc.). Quartz can be a great alternative to this but doesn’t always have the same “Je ne sais quoi ” that natural stone does.

This is where Opus Quartzite really shines. Unlike typical quartzite slabs, it has the bright white background of marble, the articulate veining of marble but the practicality of quartzite!

It’s no surprise that designers run to our warehouse when they hear Opus is back in stock. With so many gorgeous projects currently incorporating this material, we felt inspired to share a little mood board illustrating just one way to design a kitchen around this Opus Quartzite.

We paired it here with a textured bronze backsplash (Neolith Pulpis) to build some contrast in our hypothetical kitchen, giving the space a ton of depth. White oak flat panel cabinets create a light, glowy foundation for our favorite aspect: the hammered copper farmhouse sink. This sink is such a fun, function statement rising up from our sleek opus countertops. Two-toned fixtures (oil-rubbed bronze/copper) tie the sink and backsplash together.

As a finishing touch, I found these stunning wood veneer lighting pendants on 1st Dibs to hang over the island. This modern Scandinavian touch creates interest and winks at our minimal cabinetry hopefully without going too “IKEA”.

Okay, now imagine all this with the soft evening light pouring in from big windows, a glass of wine, dinner on the stove, the kids perched on vintage shaker barstools doing homework at the island...

It’s a dream! Opus quartzite makes dreams come true.


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