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Project Spotlight: Emerald Sea Quartzite Kitchen

In the world of interior design, the interplay of colors and materials can transform a simple space into an artistic sanctuary. This is precisely what R. Maroney Remodel & Design achieved with their latest kitchen remodel, a project that stands as a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design and quality materials.

At the heart of this transformation was the Emerald Sea Quartzite from Encore Stone Studio, a choice that not only infused the space with an earthy elegance but also perfectly encapsulated the designer's vision of an elevated, cohesive design. In this spotlight, we delve into the creative process behind this kitchen remodel, exploring how the exquisite selection from Encore Stone Studio not only met the designer's exacting standards but also became the cornerstone of the home's allure and the focal point of admiration from all who step into this beautifully reimagined space.

Can you describe your initial vision for your project? How did Encore Stone Studio help bring that vision to life?

The vision for the entire house was an elevated, earthy design and color scheme, with greens and terracotta in the bathrooms and kitchen. I actually purchased green tile for the large kitchen backsplash, which was a main feature upon entry of the house, over a year before it was time to choose a slab. So much changed for the project during that time, and I ended up needing to abandon my dreams of green cabinetry to save some budget and use white cabinets. I knew that I needed a slab with character, but picking the right slab to go with white cabinets and green tile felt a little tricky - my options were definitely more limited than they would have been had I chosen a slab and then matched tile and hardware to it afterward. I toyed with the idea of something neutral, but it just didn't feel quite right. I can't tell you how much the entire project seemed to come together when I picked my Emerald Sea Quartzite slab. Lisa can attest to how excited I was. I could not have anticipated finding such an incredible, unique, and colorful slab in my price range, but also one that contained the exact same shade of green as the sample backsplash tile I'd taken with me. The second I laid eyes on that slab, or maybe the second I realized I could have it, the green kitchen came to life and it felt like the interior design portion of the project all came together really cohesively. I'm in love with this striking green kitchen.

Can you describe the feedback or reactions you've received from others regarding the work completed with Encore Stone Studio's products?

Oh, man. Everyone has loved my green kitchen countertops. Most people have never considered green countertops as something that could be done beautifully, in a way that isn't too wild for their home, and it seems like it is THE feature of this home that really draws people in to want to see the rest of the house's design. People have commented on the green countertops more than any other item in the home, easy.

How likely are you to recommend Encore Stone Studio to others, and why?

I started sharing with my circle about Encore the second I left the slab warehouse the day I picked out my slab. I will never go shopping elsewhere. I had a really bad experience with another local company the days before I thought I'd browse Encore "just to see if they had anything in my price range." I thought that with all of their beautiful stone, I may be priced out, but that wasn't the case at all. The quality of service Lisa provided me was 11/10 fantastic and the selection is just to die for.

How has the investment in Encore Stone Studio's products impacted the overall value or appeal of your property?

The green kitchen is such a feature. The word green is all over the property's rental listing. All of the marketing imagery I use has the green countertops in them. The personality of the house comes mostly from the beautiful green kitchen that wouldn't have been possible without my Emerald Sea Quartzite slab. Going for a show-stopping, unique stone for this property has inspired me so much for future projects.

Looking forward, how do you see the products from Encore Stone Studio fitting into your future design or renovation plans?

I hope Lisa is ready to see me regularly! As a real estate investor, I'm so happy to have a relationship with Encore now so I know where my first stop is in each design phase. I can't wait to walk that warehouse for bathrooms and kitchens for years to come. I'm really hoping my primary bathroom renovation is next. Manifesting that while thinking about the best trip ever to Encore to pick out a slab!


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