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Austin Quartzite Countertop Store Large Inventory & Selection

In 2006, Encore opened its Austin location, which features over 120 types of stone such as granite, marble, quartzite, onyx, soapstone, and limestone. The Austin location invites you to visit the studio to see Encore’s vast collection of stones. While visiting, you will be inspired by the quartzite stone countertops featured in the kitchen display.

​At Encore Stone Studio Austin we offer a large and diverse range of stone surfaces that are characterized by their translucent, crystalline depth, or what is known as Quartzite. Quartzite countertops are a beautiful and luxurious addition to your home. We can help you choose the perfect stone for your design needs. Please contact Encore Stone Studio Austin for your Quartzite countertop needs.

Quartzite is a natural stone that forms when quartz sandstone is transformed through heat and pressure. After thousands of years, this unique combination of heat and pressure results in the variety of colors and striking appearance of quartzite. The stone has a remarkable resistance to harsh weather and UV damage a popular choice for Texans looking to update their countertop and other home applications.

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